Are your Properties considered Sober Living Homes or Halfway Houses?

Our houses are considered Transitional housing. Our properties do maintain a strict drug-free environment at all times for the safety of the residents. With our focus being on healthy living, we ARE considered sober living housing. We ARE NOT affiliated with Halfway house programs or services.

Our network does support Re-entry/Re-integration Programs.

Are rooms shared? And do you offer Co-ed housing?

Yes, the majority of the rooms we have available are shared living arrangements. In the future we will offer co-ed housing, at this time space is limited. Call us for more information pertaining to Co-ed living arrangements. 

Are your rooms fully furnished?

YES! Our homes have fully furnished kitchens, common areas, and bedrooms. 

Are Amenities Included in Rental Cost?

YES! All amentities are included in your weekly rental rates. This includes: Electric, Water, Sewer, Trash, Wi-Fi, and Cable. 

Are Pets Allowed?

Sorry, no pets are allowed in our houses. To respect other residents we have adopted this policy as some may have allergies or other issues.

What are the steps involved in moving in?

As we like to provide a perfect living arrangement, an in-office interview will take place to ensure that the home fits your needs. If we mutually agree that our arrangements are a suitable fit,  we will need a full application submitted. Cost, move in dates, and any further requirements will be discussed at that time.